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Violet and Lily Traditional Pram Liner User Guide

Congratulations on purchasing a pram liner from Violet and Lily!

Here at Violet and Lily, we believe it is our mission to bring you the best. We are an Australian owned, family ran business, with children of our own. Our aim is to provide you with the same quality that we would expect in a product, including new designs, safety standards and comfort features for your little one. We believe that all these attributes are possible, as our team works directly with our manufacturer. Not only are our products stylish, unique and practical, but above all, they are comfortable and safe. So thank you for choosing one of our pram liners. We know it will be a decision you will be 100% satisfied with. Your pram liner package will include: 1 x Pram Liner and 1 x User Guide.

Using Your Pram Liner

All of our Traditional Range pram liners are universal to fit most prams or strollers, with a five point safety harness. These liners are designed to stay in place within your pram, provided your child is wearing their harness properly.

Caring For Your Pram Liner

We know that babies can be messy, so we’ve ensured that all of our products require the least amount of time and effort to clean them. All of our products are fully machine washable and can also be spot cleaned. Of course, you can also hand wash your pram liner if you want to. Here’s a few things to remember when washing your pram liner:

  • Firstly, place your pram liner in a delicates bag or garment bag before placing it into the washing machine. This will ensure that nothing can catch onto it and damage it such as Velcro or wire from bras.
  • Think climate smart and always wash your pram liner in cold water, using mild detergent.
  • If you’re using a washing machine, always wash your pram liner on a gentle or delicates cycle. This washing option will have a slower spin cycle speed which helps to keep your pram liner’s shape.
  • Lay your pram liner flat to dry and out of direct sunlight.
  • Always be wary of what else is in your washing machine when washing your pram liner, especially in the case of darker colours that may run.
  • Do Not iron your pram liner.
  • Do Not bleach your pram liner.
  • Do Not tumble dry your pram liner.
  • Do Not dry clean your pram liner.


Violet & Lily Pram Liners offer a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. A receipt or proof of purchase must be provided with the returned product, along with all accessories, manuals or user guides and original packaging where possible. Warranty will be void if the product has been misused or if the product has been modified in any way, including removing any safety warnings. If you have any further questions please send your enquiry via our Contact Us page

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