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Have you ever tried to ‘wash’ your pram? Ever tried to mop up a whole sippy cup of juice? Never believe a sippy cup labelled ‘non-spill’! What about that time Grandma took baby for a walk to help you out and somehow returned with chocolate in every crevice of your once clean pram?

Unfortunately prams don’t seem to be designed as ‘washable’. This is where we come in! Here at Violet & Lily Pram Liners we aim to provide you with the best pram liner to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of liners to suit all climates, while not compromising style and design.

We believe having a pram liner is crucial. Let’s face it, from their very first day, children are messy. Also prams and strollers can be quite expensive. Why wouldn’t you do all you can to keep them in the best possible condition?

The simple solution to a clean pram that will last you for years to come is to use a pram liner.


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