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Here at Violet and Lily we know how important your time is. When it comes to having children, who has time to hand wash or go to the dry cleaners? With this in mind, we have decided that all our products must be machine washable. Included with all our products are washing instructions which may vary slightly from product to product but the fundamentals are the same: all machine washable.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Think climate smart: Violet & Lily recommends washing all of our products in cold water.
  • Have you tried using your vacuum cleaner on your pram? Try using the smaller nozzles or attachments on your vacuum cleaner to easily remove sand, dirt, crumbs, grass and whatever else your little one has managed to bring on board.
  • Our pram liners can be spot cleaned. So no need to wash them every time you have a small spill.
  • Dry your pram liner flat.

Tips To Remember:

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not iron.

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