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Pram Liners: Extending the Life of Your Pram

Purchasing a pram for your baby is one of the best investments you can make regarding baby furniture. If it’s your first baby, it is important to buy a durable and reliable brand when it comes to prams. A well maintained pram can deliver great benefits and then can also be used by the next baby if it remains in tip top and neat condition. A well maintained pram can also be easily sold or given away when it is no longer needed by the family. One of the proven ways to extend the use or life of your pram is with the use of pram liners. A pram liner protects the pram from dirt, spillage, and any wet elements.

Here are some ways pram liners can help extend the life and durability of your pram.

Waterproof Layers

Pram liners can be made of waterproof material (breathable and durable polyester) preventing water or any type of liquid to penetrate into the pram. The waterproofing may be due to the exterior material used or in many cotton or other soft fiber pram liners, the waterproofing may be an internal layer. In case of any spills, the layers of the pram liner are the first to catch the liquid and prevent any soiling into the pram which may contribute to its deterioration.

Machine Washable and Stain Resistant Material

Pram liners that are easy to wash can be the most practical way to prolong the use of your pram. It is expected that babies and toddlers are going to have small accidents in their pram, so it is important to be ready at all times. It is strongly suggested that a pram have more than one set of pram liners to use every day, just in case. You never know when your baby or toddler might have an explosion out of their nappy or spill their whole bottle, but being prepared with additional pram liners will help keep the pram protected at the all times.

Pram Liners often come with stain resistant material so that if it gets lightly soiled from food or other elements, you can easily wipe it off. They can also be easily thrown in the washing machine on a cold wash and many can even be tumble dried. There are no specific washing instructions when it comes to cleaning pram liners, as they are all made from different materials however, just keep in mind not to use bleach or any strong detergent that can harm the baby’s skin or pose a health risk to the baby when inhaled.

Padded and Insulated Pram Liner Construction

A pram liner that is well padded and properly insulated can help maintain the shape of the pram while giving comfort and security for the baby’s position while using the pram. If baby needs to travel and use the pram, it is comforting to know that wherever you go, your baby has a secure and safe place to rest in their padded and comfortable pram liner. A well insulated and padded pram liner prevents moisture from developing or affecting the shape or quality of the pram. The pram has a better chance of an extended life if the seat part is not deformed and kept in shape, even if the baby is growing or constantly moving while the pram is in use.

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